witch halloween maskGoat Witch Spooky Halloween Mask - NEW for 2013!
Witches have become a mainstream image of Halloween. But have you ever wondered why? Some folklore indicates that witches gather each year on Halloween, arriving on broomsticks, to celebrate a party hosted by the devil. (I don't know about hundreds of years ago, but a devilishly handsome guy down the street throws a killer Halloween party each year and I definitely fly over there each October 31st!).

Some old superstitions claimed witches cast spells on unsuspecting people, and one superstition even said if you wanted to meet a witch, you had to put your clothes on inside out and walk backwards on Halloween night. Then at midnight a witch would appear. When early settlers arrived in America, they brought their belief in witches with them from Europe. These legends spread and seemed even more believable because Native Americans already believed in evil spirits, and black magic was part of the African culture brought to America with the slave trade. All this spookiness and mystery continues to make witches an appealing part of Halloween fun.

If you like the idea of being a witch this year, but want a truly ugly, gruesome twist on that traditional Halloween character instead of having to paint your face green, the Goat Witch is a morbid choice and just one of many new masks for 2013. If you give it a try, you won't be sorry, but anyone who crosses your path just might be!  Hee Hee Hee! Happy Haunting!



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